Headlining Arab-related news this week is 20-year-old Israeli sniper, Mor Ostrovski, who uploaded an instagram'ed picture of what appears to be a Palestinain child caught in his cross hairs.

The story, reported by The Electronic Intifada comes complete with several other pictures off of Ostrovski's instagram account, namely those of weapons.

The photo resulted in outrage (and rightly so), and spurred a response by the IDF, as reported by Israeli newspaper Haaretz and Buzzfeed, who stated that the photo was "not in accordance with the spirit of the IDF or its values." Ostrovski has since deleted the photo and his instagram account.

Though the photo has since received slight media attention, the question remains: what would have happened if it had been reverse? A Palestinian shooter and an Israeli soldier? And why is it that an Israeli soldier feels it is even remotely human to post such a barbaric photo to begin with?

Absolutely disgusting.

Photo of Child in Crosshairs of Israeli Soldier's Gun Causes Online Outrage

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