So apparently the walls at Tawlet are "rotating installations", as tweeted by @meredithdf. Each installation has a witty food related message, sure to make you go "aww" and feel kinda hungry at the same time.

It's too bad Valentine's day is over, because if you used these babies in a card, I'm pretty sure you'd be scoring more than a smile. And once you start coming up with some witty phrases yourself, you really can't stop. "You are the zaatar to my manousheh; you are the cheese to my escalope; you are the 7ar to my batata." See? I'm on a roll.

Still, kudos to Tawlet for the most genius of all the phrases. You just can't beat "you are the chick pea to my hummus".

If you want to buy postcard versions of the adorable sayings, pass by the Papercup in Mar Mikhael. Because hummus.

You Are The Food To My Tawlet

(Photo via @meredithdf)


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