In a shocking (sarcasm intended) case of sexism, it appears that ads about nuts and curves are really not the greatest idea on the internet.

No doubt you've heard of nut giant, Al Rifai; you might've even seen their bright red advertisements all over your Facebook walls. Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming cry of injured uteri, Al Rifai has taken down their witty adverts to make room for, well, cheesy replacements—though they're not all that bad.

In junction with the new ads, Al Rifai released the following statement last week: "Al Rifai would like to point out that the Valentine visuals were not, in any way, trying to belittle the role of women in society. These visuals are part of a campaign that highlights the beauty of every nut and not our view on the role of men and women in society. We believe in equality, not only among people, but also among all our nuts ;-). We hope that you will be able to see things from our perspective."

Sigh. When good advertising gets buried beneath hoards of overly sensitive gender natzis, you know there is no one to blame but the feminists.

Are Al Rifai's Valentine's Day Ads Sexist?

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