I wonder if Da Vinci ever predicted the outpour of admiration and replication that his masterpiece would garner some 507 years down the line. Movies and books and songs have been named after the famous lady—who some believe is actually Da Vinci himself in drag—and lesser tributes created all around the world.

One of the thousands to be done was captured only recently by @dididalilamh, and hashtagged #ayna. After some expert Google and twitter searching— unraveling a puzzle worthy of Leonardo himself—it looks like #ayna is actually an instagram account by the name of aynaoffical. Not exactly all that mysterious.

I think I prefer Mona.

The Many Secrets of Mona Lisa

(Photo via @dididalilamh)



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Composer Mihail Afanasiev When I was in Paris 2005, I could not visit the Louvre. But the Louvre came with sound recording equipment, which were kindly provided by the French. Found the "Mona Lisa" and began recording background sound created numerous visitors who came to see the masterpiece. The logic was simple. Allow myself to be noted that any masterpiece has the property of highly structured information field. Man - this is also, at its basis, the field structure. There is a contact of two field structures – human and masterpiece. This is probably the power of art. The sounds published the people who were in the masterpiece (talk, the shuffling of feet, etc.) were very valuable to me, they were correlated associated with him. Subjecting these records complicated transformation process, I managed to get some incredible sound. Many are led into shock - these sounds there is a clear identification with the portrait of "Mona Lisa." Similar records I've made in the famous sculpture of Venus. As a result, based on these records, I had three works - "Knowledge", "Flow" and "Communication". studiomusicnew.blogspot.com http://youtu.be/rUDsL8Rg4uo MONA LISA_VENUS(Опыт работы с шедеврами) .avi Structure of presented video: sound background at Mona Lisa – result of transformational processing of a background, a sound background at Venus – result of transformational processing of a background, a work “Knowledge” fragment (the transformed sounds are used only). Full details can be found on my master class Academia of Music, Kishinev MOLDOVA (sorry, translated by google)

Mihail Afanasev on Mar 18, 2013 via web