Meet 24-year-old photographer Sébastian Dahl, the man who traveled three months across continents from his native Oslo to our native Beirut. Reported by Peta Pixel, Dahl documented his journey with a series of four photo-journals called Portraits from the Road, Right Side Window, I Slept Here, and Passengers.

(Photo by Sébastian Dahl)

In a show of bravery—or perhaps lack of sense—Dahl traveled the whole way via hitchhiking, and even slept on the beds and couches of strangers. He took photos of the scenery, people who helped him along the way, the places he slept in, and group photos of himself and other passengers.

(Photo by Sébastian Dahl)

Traveling 10,000 km is no easy feat. Doing that on your own while relying on help from strangers is near impossible. We daily hear how dangerous the world is and how wary we should be of strangers. I mean, I can't even imagine hitchhiking to Achrafieh.

Yet ever optimistic, Dahl begs to differ, telling Peta Pixel: "I want to show these pictures to counter-fight the stigmatizing image the medias create. This is my take at trying to show people that there’s a world of nice people out there and I have video+photo footage to prove my point."

It's a nice point. But I think I'm going to have to pass. Regardless, major kudos to this dude. Keep that faith in humanity!

Man Hitchhikes from Norway to Beirut

(Photo by Sebastian Dahl)


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