Hell f****ing YES.

This is what a real rock band looks like people. This is what music is all about.

And on March 30 at Forum Beirut, you can appreciate why the gods gave you ears in the first place. Because we're turning into Paradise City.

So usher in the November Rain, figure out why you Used to Love Her, and forget about the Civil War, because we're hopping the Night Train to the highest amount of cliche Gun N' Roses puns you can possibly make in one post. Just don't become Estranged once you finish reading this.

Welcome to The Jungle of awesome writing you Sweet Child of Mine (I haven't adopted you don't worry). Ten puns later—forgive me, it's Friday—and I'm out. See you crazy people at the concert.

Find out more information and book your tickets here.

We're Turning Into Paradise City Because Guns N' Roses Is Coming to Beirut

(Photo via http://images4.fanpop.com)


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