Meet Bashar Al Shroogi, a regular joe who's mapping Beirut in the span of 24 hours.

He's thus far completed 10 hours of his journey on foot, and documents each hour on his twitter account, @alshroogi, with a picture of his current location, snack, or scenery.

It's actually well worth the look into his twitter account, where he shows his path around Bourj Hammoud, AUB, Gemmayzeh, Remeil, Beirut Souks and just about everywhere else in Beirut. Check out out favorite picks from his bursting account and the interesting quotes that go with them. It's a nice reminder of just how much there is in our awesome city.

And there are still 14 more hours left of awesome posts to go. Yeeaaaaaaah.

1."Olives sold in bulk on the streets."

2."Who remembers returning their pepsi bottles to get chewing gum from the store?"

3."Beirut's very own flat iron building."

4."Stumbled into an old press with original Heidelberg machines from the 60s. So nice to see these crafts maintained in the city."

5. "The graffiti and street tags are starting to get interesting."

Man Maps Beirut On Instagram in 24 Hours

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