The Social Media Awards is taking Beirut by (internet) storm. With nominations already underway and a retweet by none other than Haifa Wehbe herself, it looks like things are starting to get serious—and fast.

Our faves over at Ragmag interviewed Chief Collaborator of Online Collaborative Mohammad Hijazi, who dished on some of the lesser known deets behind the Social Media Awards.

Check out a preview of the interview below.

Where did the idea of the Social Media Awards come from?

We came up with the Social Media Awards (SMA) because we found that there is a need to recognize the outstanding members from the online community in Lebanon on their great efforts of making this community so engaging and active.

There is currently no objective organization that is evaluating and identifying the social media scene in Lebanon, and we hope that the SMAs will provide a platform for people to be distinguished objectively based on their social media presence.

What has the online community’s response been?

We are overwhelmed by the great support from the online community. It is the driving force of this event and we are glad to have received so much positive feedback and engagement. Ultimately, this event is for them and we are glad that they are pleased with where it is going.

We're officially psyched.

Check out the full interview on Ragmag's website here.

A Look Behind the Scenes of Lebanon's First-Ever Social Media Awards

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