The American University of Technology (AUT) has multiple campuses in Lebanon. The university believes that the quality of individual and social life depends on the quality of the mind; thus, it provides students with the opportunity to become more competent in their analytic thought, informed judgment, and effective communication to develop an appreciation for the mind.

Graduates from AUT become well-rounded individuals, independent of mind, life-long learners, and are equipped for success in today’s global, inter-cultural workplace.

The university provides bachelor degrees in business, science, and arts, and masters degrees in business and science.

American University of Technology (AUT)

Addresses and Contacts

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    Byblos Highway Halate Tel.: +9619478144
    Tel.: +9619478143

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    Bahsas Boulevard, Bechara el Khoury Street Tripoli Tel.: +9616410933
    Tel.: +9616410932


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