Zaatar W Zeit is well known for its all-too-frequent social media scandals. Whether it's a complaint on facebook, a delivery on the middle of the highway or a tribute to a new menu item, the one thing ZwZ knows how to do is manage it's social media outlets.

That being said, it's surprising to find ZwZ in the spotlight for something other than a controversy. Yet raises a good point with their latest blogpost, praising ZwZ's return to a sketchy, artsy style of decor.

A much needed break from their other branches' green and brown pallet, the artwork in ZwZ's Gemmayzeh restaurant is, as the blogpost reads, " visually stimulating and tells a story." So much better than their dull Bliss St. decor, no?

Zaatar W Zeit's Gemmayzeh Restaurant Brings Back Art to Dining

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