Saturday mornings are a time of family, fun and full on feasting.

Here to supply you with the latter two (you must bring your own family), is French restaurant Couqley, which is currently offering the "Big Breakfast Formule" at only 38 thou per pop.

Featuring "eggs any style, toast, hash browns & choice of bacon or sausage + pancakes or waffles of your choice + fresh Juice + bottomless filtered coffee", the meal is legit worthy of a money splurge, and will no doubt leave you satisfied and bursting. And for the dieting few, Couqley's brunch menu—available from 11 a.m to 4 p.m—offers a wide variety of food that will appeal to all the picky eaters.

So now that I've gotten you convinced, there's really only one question left.... pancakes or waffles?

Meet Your Saturday Morning Plans

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