If someone asked me to describe Babel Theatre’s latest play, 80 Steps, in only one sentence, I’d say this: it’s like your grandparents on acid.

80 Steps was written by Randa Khalidi and is actually directed by her niece, Aliyya Khalidi. The story revolves around three people and their housekeeper, who live, as the title of the play indicates, ‘80 steps’ above the street.

Admiral Ahmad is a retired military man who lost his position of authority and is now starting to lose his sanity. His sister, Fayzeh, is 65-years-old and has never been married. Suffice it to say, describing her character as ‘uptight’ would be a gross understatement. Meanwhile, Ahmad’s wife, Lamya, openly struggles with aging and extreme sexual frustration.

With all the emotional baggage, Ahmad, Fayzeh and Lamya’s lives begin to spin out of control – leaving their housekeeper to clean up the mess. In the end, Khalidi’s dark comedy gives the audience a smart, bitingly funny commentary on the struggles of aging and the difficulties associated with maintaining familial bonds. Don’t miss it.

For more information about 80 Steps, click here.

'80 Steps' is Like Your Grandparents on Acid, And We Love it

(Photo via the beirut 8.30 Facebook group)


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