Currently happening at AUB, Lebanese film gurus Nadine Labaki and Salim el Turk lecture about the odd relationship between the Arab world and film.

Both directors in their own right, the pair headlined a Q&A session in AUB amongst an audience of students.

Bridging a topic of great sensitivity, El Turk discussed media censorship, remarking "Why censor films and not news? How is a child dying at 8 o'clock not worse that what we show.. children are still awake at 8 and can see all of this."

Opinions aside, I think it's brilliant that such prominent figures can take time out their daily lives to broach an academic institution. Respect and kudos to both of them for being awesome.

Nadine Labaki and Salim el Turk Discuss Film at AUB

(Photo via Tala Mukaddam)


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