Featured in London's Victoria and Albert Museum under the "Light From The Middle East" exhibition, this postcard—tweeted by Joann Haddadin—is a tribute to post civil war Lebanon.

Headlined until April 7 of this year, the exhibition features over 90 works concerning the Middle East by a wide variety of artists.

This piece in particular resonates a chord with the Lebanese; not only is it set in Lebanon, but it also offers a nostalgic look at our common day perception of the post-civil war era. A warped mesh of color and lighting, the postcard offers a transcendent glance at our distortion of reality regarding the war's aftermath—and the stigmatic associated with its lack of acknowledgement.

An entire country's mindset, captured in a work of art. Reality and fiction have no boundaries here.

Postcards from Beirut

(Photo via @joannhaddadin)


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