With a successful two weeks already under its belt, the newest Casper and Gambini's branch at AUBMC has been making waves as the latest lunch destination.

Serving the traditional Casper and Gambini menu as well as Japanese salads, sahimi and special ura maki, the new location is teaming with M.D's and nurses and makes a great place for a professional or casual brunch.

It's already spiced up the once-dead AUBMC campus, adding a fresh flair that only a brand new building could do. Though it's a bit pricey, keep in mind that the building caters to professionals (and the occasional wealthy student).

But if you feel like splurging and want to grab a quick meal, meet a couple of friends or search for attractive, available doctors (we all do it), then it looks like you've just found the perfect lunch spot. Sahtein!

Casper and Gambini's Rejuvenates AUBMC

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