The title says it all.

Easily, easily, easily the greatest Chinese fusion cuisine I've ever had, Chenbao is a to-die-for restaurant experience that every foodie (or aspiring foodie) should try. Though it's not exactly easy on the wallet—think at least $50 per person—Chenbao reeks of class and elegance, and is money well spent.

With marvelous portion sizes (every item can and should be split for two), and a non-intrusive dark wood coloring, the atmosphere is the perfect family or date-friendly (or both if you're really courageous) relaxation destination. got a chance to sit down with Chenbao's manager, Rabih Farhat, who enthused "We are unique and have great staff, an excellent chef and the best quality food." Farhat explained that Chenbao's head chef is Malaysian/Chinese Chef Eddy, who joined Chenbao after working in a Michelin star restaurant—which, after trying the food, is so immensely obvious.

So grab a fork, spoon or chopsticks and prepare to cry tears of absolute joy. On second thought—perhaps you should bring tissues too.

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