We already know the Lebanese cuisine is amazing.

So it's no surprise when the rest of the world finds out. Listed number eight overall on the top 10 countries to travel by food, Lebanon no doubt deserves its spot on Lonely Planet's comprehensive guide to the top travel destinations of 2013.

In fact, the entire article provides for interesting insight and suggestions that I wouldn't have previously considered. Global favorites like New Zealand, Australia, Iceland and Japan topped several of the lists—such as adventure, nature, and safety—whereas less likely locations—like Bulgaria, Namibia, and surprising favorite, Iran—headlined other lists.

In fact several Middle East countries appeared (like Algeria, Egypt and the UAE) in this year's rankings, though Lebanon was the only one featured on the top 10 food list.

Lebanese foodies everywhere, rejoice! We're awesome.

Lebanon Named Top 10 Food Favorite Destination By Lonely Planet 2013

(Photo via http://www.expressentree.com)


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