This is according to France 2, a popular French television channel.

Watch the full TV clip on blog "Kell Shi" who reported the story, saying that France 2 dubbed both Klink and Kay as "Stars" and ready advocates of women's rights.

Now I know I'm not well versed in social affairs—but as far as I'm considered parading around half naked and advocating unnecessary plastic surgery is not a testament to women's rights. In fact, it just goes to show how materialized and appearence-focused the Lebaense culture is.

And for France to glorify women who's biggest success in life is their DD breasts, hair extensions, and failed singles is just disgusting and gives a bad name to Lebanese women in general. We're not all blond buxom bimbos!

But I guess France wouldn't know...

Myriam Klink and Lara Kay Apparently Are Authorities on Women's Rights

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