And by "oddly awesome," I mean fun and visually pleasing, albeit potentially useless.

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1. Vintage Gas Mask

Some might call this a waste of money, I call this an exercise in extreme prudence. You never know when a nuclear fallout might hit. Purchase this, and you'll be uber prepared.

2. 1970s Lucky Mark 11 Radios

What do you mean you don't know what a radio is?

3. Lighting Fixtures

According to the description on their Facebook page, this lighting fixture is inflatable. I'm not recommending this, but I'm not - not recommending it either.

4. Star Wars Ultimate Action Figure Collection

For ages 4 though who the hell cares? Nerd approved.

5. A Veja Acacia Laptop Bag

Because then you could practice solving this bewildering colored puzzle with your nipples. WAT?!? This guy did it.

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