In harmony with the universal ideals of the United Nations, ESCWA aspires to induce positive Economic and Social change for lasting development in the Arab region.
ESCWA works in partnership with the governments of the region and inspires citizens to harness their inherent potential to build a solid foundation for progress and prosperity.

ESCWA is dedicated to the advancement of the Arab region. It acts as a catalyst for the realisation of pioneering Economic and Social development programmes. It spurs cooperation, develops innovative strategies, and promotes pragmatic policies.
ESCWA shall act as a think tank and platform for dialogue which promotes partnerships across the region.
ESCWA shall mobilize the support of stakeholders and key players from official institutions and civil society, towards the common goal of improving human life.

ESCWA (Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia)

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    Riad El Solh Square Downtown Tel.: +9611981301
    Tel.: +9611981510


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