Located in the historical city of Tripoli, the Safadi Cultural Center is a center that provides visitors with an exceptional opportunity to experience the beauty of the cultures of the world. Guests who visit have the chance to embrace knowledge and technology and enjoy arts, performances and so much more.

The center aims to promote awareness of different cultures and mutual respect among citizens, exposing the Lebanese to other cultures through dialogue and cultural exchange.

The Safadi Cultural Center also aims to initiate a cultural, intellectual, and social dialogue in North Lebanon by familiarizing the people of Lebanon with the cultural richness of the area—such as its substantial cultural heritage and its many historical monuments.

Overall, the Safadi Cultural center hopes to encourage society's development through cultural dialogue between North Lebanon, the country, and the rest of the world.

Safadi Cultural Center

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    Ramzi El Safadi Street, Maarad 847 Tripoli Tel.: 1290
    Tel.: +9616410014


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