As someone who knows next-to-nothing about cars, I have to admit—I freakin' love this baby.

Found in Achrafieh, this old-school beast of a vehicle is basically dripping with WWII regal—assuming it is that old to begin with. And who knows, it might even be older.

(Photo via @princegio)

Now from my expert Google-ing, I can tell you this car design has been around since the 20's or 30's. So it wouldn't be that farfetched to guess that this car was a good 70-years-old—at least.

History lesson of the day: A brand new car in the 1920's/30's went from $500 dollars to $1500 in the U.S, which would translate to about $7500 today.

Spotted: Vintage Mobile in Aschrafieh

(Photo via circa 1933)


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