With barely two weeks left till Easter, it's time to stock up on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow multi-colored chicks.

And if you really want to go all out--celebrate the end of Lent with a nice juicy steak and a couple of adorable cupcakes, just to make sure you get your fill of protein and serotonin. Because there's no such thing as too happy, unless we're talking about crazy. And speaking of crazy--delicious--these cupcakes, courtesy of Sara's Home Bakery, are positively insane.

The only problem is that they might just be too cute to eat--what with the bunny ears and Easter eggs and green grass icing.

But in won't matter in 17 days--because meat will be back on the menu.

Bunnies included.

Easter Means Chocolate, Chocolate Means Love

(Photo via Stephanie Broumana)


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