Zaatar w Zeit's latest branch is changing up its traditional menu, much to the concern and criticism of several of their loyal customers.

After releasing an official statement on Thursday, ZwZ faced controversy as to why their new Hamra location would be serving an altered and obviously-Muslim friendly menu.

Referring to the the absence of pork, ZwZ's facebook page explained:

"We couldn’t miss the opportunity to open there [Hamra] and let our customers enjoy the experience we have to offer. However, we had to do some amendments on our menu in order to still be able to cater to our loyal fans, while respecting the leasing conditions." spoke with Zaatar w Zeit's Communications Manager, Manuel Wazen, who commented on the outpour of complaints and comments that ZwZ has thus far received.

"Everyone is free to express their opinion and we respect that," remarked Wazen. "We love all our customers."

Wazen further clarified that Zaatar w Zeit knew from the beginning that their Hamra building owner had placed restrictions on food items, but that they "didn't have many choices" in location.

Still, not everyone is appeased. Many ZwZ customers have pledged to boycott the Hamra branch because of the new amendment, calling it religious discrimination and anti-sectarianism.

Regardless of the boycotts, Zaatar W Zeit is legally bound by leasing conditions and thus stands firm by its new menu. So if you really, really want pork, head to their Bliss or Sodeco or Gemmayzeh branches. Or convert.

Zaatar w Zeit's New Hamra Branch Takes Pork Off The Menu

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