Ah, Lebanese hipster graffiti.

Always moody and always pensive, graffiti around Beirut is as ambiguous as it is artistic. Black-and-white, colored, sketched, painted or scrawled, in Lebanon, even a dick on a wall is fraught with socio-political implications.

Just check out this image of a screaming/laughing/scared child and a super-cool dude chillin on a wall in Achrafieh. Located near The Beirut Cellar, I've got absolutely no idea what this art work might signify. Perhaps it's a reflection of the lounging beggar children forever roaming Beiruti streets. Maybe it's a portrait of the spoiled kids of Lebanon--a douchey looking pre-teen and whiney toodler.

Going uber metaphorical, I'd like to think it's a statement about the Lebanese people. At first, we're the children covering our eyes and refusing to see the scary world around us. And then, after a while, we realize the worst is inevitable--all we can do is watch.

Or you know, the artist could've just been bored.

See No Evil

(Photo via @dee_alami82)



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