Yeah, Lebanon!

We've been awesome for ages, and it looks like the rest of the world is just caching on. What with the constant HIMYM references to Lebanese girls, the budding music scene, and the insane amount of tourists, it's no surprise that Lebanon is internationally known for its culture, beauty and history.

Part of that history comes from the sheer friendliness of Hamra street, the Lebanese neighborhood where it's not surprising to see people with dreadlocks, short shorts, skateboards or even sleeve tatts.

55-years-ago, it (being the adjacent street of Abdel Aziz) looks just as friendly as ever--plus it's got the added bonus of less pollution and cleaner streets.

But I gotta be honest--if I had to choose between living in today's Hamra or that of 1958, I'd pick today every time. It's much more liberal, international, and just plain fun! And anyways, who says 2013 can't be tomorrow's "Golden Age"?

Fifty-Five Years of Abdel Aziz Street

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