RapidManufactory is the first 3D printing and rapid manufacturing shop available to the public in the Middle East. It is located in 'The Bakery' in the Beirut neighborhood of Mar Mikhael.

For 30 years, the space was used as a bakery. It now runs several kilns (the ceramic kilns, the nitrogen hoven of the SLS rapid manufaturing station).

Any designer, architect, engineer, who works with 3D, can see their digital files converted, in a matter of days, into a solid physical shape, thus transforming their ideas into reality. This development is similar to the revolution introduced when the first (2D) printing shops opened 20 years ago.

You can now, bring an object, 3D scan it, and have a copy made, at a different scale with a different material. The applications of this technology are numerous and its potential has not yet been fully explored. For many professionals, this process is an event that has the same impact as the apparition of the internet. Being able to produce locally and quickly complex parts will certainly redraw the map for many businesses.


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    Salah Labaki Street, On Top of the Gholam Stairs Mar Mikhael Tel.: +9611566241
    Mob.: +9613566601


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Garden Clay Exhibition at The... Exhibition (Handcrafts)
Opening of The Bakery Gathering (Opening)


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