The Corniche Tower is a 13-floor building located near the UNESCO area of Beirut on Corniche el Mazraa. It was built with exceptional quality and aims to provide residents with a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle.

The building contains 22 standard apartments at 307 square meters in size. There are also two duplexes, which are each 575 square meters. Residents can also enjoy a complimentary storage room and two underground parking spaces for each unit.

Developer Ali M. Beydoun says the Corniche Tower was built according to living standards that he would want his own family to live in. "It's the kind of apartment you'll want to spend the rest of your life in," he says.

To find out how you can grab one of these amazing apartments in the heart of Beirut, call F Group at +9613673637.

Corniche Tower

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    Real Estate Developer: F Group El Mama street Corniche El Mazraa Tel.: +9611318686
    Mob.: +9613673637


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