Although the neighbor's house is burning, you are sleeping and not smelling the smell of the fire and not feeling the shouts of the neighbor... This is not an island, we are one big ship that is sinking. --Lyrics from Jazira

Zeid and the Wings released over the weekend their latest music video for the song, Jazira (Island), a beautifully ethereal, dreamy and hypnotic track which evokes layers of emotion and thoughtful contemplation.

As lead singer and songwriter Zeid Hamdan explains it: "We all live on our own little islands, in our circle of friends or in our families or as a couple. We create little islands, and all around us things might be falling apart, but this is the system we use to protect ourselves; making our mind believe we are on an island."

The video was directed, filmed and edited by photographer Raymond Gemayel. "It's a video that respects the song," says Hamdan. "He shot landscapes... landscapes that are wide and have big perspective, and in each of those there are small breaths of life. Sometimes it’s a little smoke down in a valley. Sometimes it’s a bit of wind moving across the grass."

In essence, Hamdan juxtaposes the idea that everything in the world matters with a cool, airy song that makes you feel like nothing else in the world matters, except the gorgeous four minutes of this track.

tl;dr: I'm gonna have this bad boy on repeat all summer.


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