Known for the innovative combination of artsy animation and catchy ditties, The Brightside is a digital design boutique that provides the creativity in content creation.

With a repertoire of dozens of videos under their belt, it's no surprise that their own
website is hands-down the coolest and most adorable one I've ever seen. Featuring a charming head-bopping tune that accompanies cheery animation, their website makes you think that it's a brilliant spring day and that flying elephants are totally commonplace. And after seeing some of The Brightside's video, I kind of believe that.

So take a couple minutes of your time and watch genius at work. Now this is what good advertising is all about.

1. McDonald's - Arabian from The Brightside on Vimeo.

2. With Love. An Anime Valentine by The Brightside from The Brightside on Vimeo.

3. Cheyef Halak - Religion from The Brightside on Vimeo.

4. Jammal Trust Bank - Brain from The Brightside on Vimeo.

5. Wang Chi Skitt on The Origin of Skittles from The Brightside on Vimeo.

If you want more from The Brightside--and really, who wouldn't?--make sure to check out the rest of their 50 videos here.

Our Top Five Favorite Brightside Videos


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