Imagine the best slumber party you've ever had--movies, popcorn, pillows, and blankets galore.

Now imagine that in a movie theater. I'm totally serious--Empire Sodeco's new Premium Cinema is literally a gigantic slumber party. (I totally cracked jokes with the row behind me, that's, how comfortable I was).

Each seat is a recliner/bed, and comes with a matching gold pillow and blanket, a side table, a lamp, and a friggin' butler. At only $20 a pop, the "premium" experience is an affordable option for anyone above 18 who wants the extra luxury.

So what makes this different than other VIP cinema experiences? "We distinguish ourselves from ABC and City Mall because here you're entering a venue where it's all premium service," explained Laura Khoury, Cinema City's Marketing Manager, "There's not just one premium theater, the entire area is premium."

And if you really want the max level of privacy, feel free to rent out an entire theater for $500 bucks for the perfect movie screening. Hassle free, child-free (because how many movies are interrupted by crying?), and totally comfortable, the only thing you need to worry about at Empire Sodeco is not falling asleep.

And I've already failed at that.

Empire Sodeco Opens New Premium Cinema

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