Because nothing says "I love you" like cooking utensils!

No, seriously, wtf is this shit?? Mother's day is a supposed to be a day about celebrating how friggin' amazing your mother is. It's about pampering her with jewelery or spas or perfume or some hobby she adores.

Now for an add to make Mother's Day all about frying pans and vacuum cleaners and bathroom rugs--really--just takes a whole century's step back from women's rights and basic dignity. It's like saying, "Hey, it's your birthday and I really need you to clean the bathroom. Here's a plunger!"

So kudos to Nasawiya for bashing this unacceptable ad. Because commercializing the unconditional love of a mother is just plain disgusting.

Now... go do me a favor and hug your mother today. And don't you dare get her cleaning supplies for Mother's Day. Or I will hunt you down.

Celebrate Mother's Day With Tupperware

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