Meet Layla Jamal, the genius baker-artist behind Vanilla Bean.

With a vast repertoire of cake and dessert designs already under her belt, Jamal is set to become a leading lady in the Lebanese dessert industry. Her A-list cakes and cupcakes range from classy chic to personalized crazy, and can be ordered online.

So next time you've got a LOTR party, a Disney-themed wedding (I hope you don't have too many of those), a Harry Potter birthday or a random holiday affair, call up Vanilla Bean for all your magical dessert affairs. Because have you seen that Nightmare Before Christmas cake?!

Yeah. Exactly.

Order by email at one week prior to your event date, because cake magic doesn't just come out of nowhere.

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Wow... looks amazing <3

Heba Habash on Mar 20, 2013 via web