Opening its doors yesterday to a huge crowd, Kb Doner served hundreds of people on Bliss Street its famed Turkish dish, all with one catch--it was for free.

Dozens of people were lined up in front of the green building at any point of the day, waiting patiently (and sometimes, not-so-patiently) for their chance to try the hearty gyro-esque meal. Among the hoards of cheap college students came young children and refugees, many of whom probably haven't had a decent meal in a while. It was rather refreshing to see hungry beggars and refugees being served with equality, as they waited in line with people who could easily afford to pay for their meal themselves.

And at only six thou a pop, the meal is a filling alternative to regular shawarma--instead of being wrapped in Pita, the meat is served with a huge heaping of vegetables in a doughy bread. Though its not exactly a gourmet meal, KB Doner's offerings are good--especially when you compare your serving size value for its price.

So if you're looking for a break from the ordinary, give KB Doner a try. Conveniently located, super affordable and filling to boot, the Turkish staple looks like it's soon to be a staple of Bliss Street.

KB Doner Opens to Mass Crowd


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