Artist Joseph Matar is a great humanist, born of the piercing sun and glowing luminosity of the Orient. He is a poet and creative spirit, matured in the universities, workshops and museums of Europe, of Spain, France and Italy. His is the eastern soul out to conquer the genius of the West, a human flame with mystic roots in the divine.

Creative artist, theorist and technician, free of all burden of system, he seeks to express himself in light. To him blind chance and obscurity are repugnant. On every canvas, the interplay of line, color and volume falls into place of hard struggle, like the victory of a strategist or like some great symphony.

Joseph Matar is a master of many artistic fields and pictorial techniques portraiture, anatomy, landscape and history, and above all sacred art brought to life with a new inspiration. He is master of many media, oils, water-color, pastels, ink and pencil.

Joseph Matar

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