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Ain't no party like an Ibiza party. It’s all sun, sea, sand, surf and smiles. Want to have the best summer ever? Of course you do. Short answer: go to one of 25 select restaurants across Lebanon, order a Heineken and get your code to play the Shootout game for your chance to win a VIP trip to Spain's paradise city.

Meantime, if these pics don't make you want to go to Ibiza, then nothing will. Here's all you need to know to make your summer 2013 unforgettably awesome:

1. Pack Your Most Seductive Swimsuit.

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2. No Shirts Required.

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3. Swimming is Mandatory.

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4. Bring Along Your Friends (with benefits).

(Photo Instagramed by @caityyybc)

5. Sandwiches Aren't Just For Eating.

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6. Drink responsibly. Party recklessly.

(Photo Instagramed by @rony_vee)

7. Get Colorful.

(Photo Instagramed by @holliedouglas)

8.Take a Moment to Enjoy the Incredible View.

(Photo Instagramed by @loveandvintage)

9. Go to a Pool Party.

(Photo Instagramed by @charlottebuller)

10. Take Selfies With Your Besties.

(Photo Instagramed by @jesuusibz23)

11. Party < AfterParty

(Photo Instagramed by @willdea_)

12. Try Something New.

(Photo Instagramed by @kamogabriela)

13. Let Your Freak Flag Fly.

(Photo Instagramed by @ainebootylisious)

14. Throw Your Hands Up High.

(Photo Instagramed by @barnowl91)

15. Sit Back. Relax. Do Nothing.

(Photo Instagramed by @MikaDoesMakeup)

See you at the beach, scenesters.

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