Bringing a much-needed change up to the Lebanese radio scene, Virgin Radio will be debuting in Lebanon this May.

Ushering in the new radio station will be Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group and the fourth richest person in the UK. And if you're wondering why he looks so familiar, a quick wiki-search will tell you that he's been in a handful of TV shows and series, including Friends.

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So what's so awesome about Virgin Radio? The fact that it promises a revolutionary take on radio programming; they aim to introduce "10 Hits In A Row" to listeners, where 10 songs are played consecutively without a commercial interruption.

Yet innovative radio aside, Sir Richard Branson coming to Lebanon is seriously huge. Humanitarian, businessman, world record breaker, billionaire, philanthropist, actor and a friggin' knight, Branson is an inspiration as well as a seemingly genuine guy.

This is one celebrity that I honestly can't wait to see. A Sir guys, he's a Sir.

Sir Richard Branson Set To Launch Virgin Radio In Beirut

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Virgin Radio Launches in Lebanon... Trending on May 16, 2013

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