Plug in your earphones (both ears!), close your eyes, press play and enjoy the next five minutes.

Hear that? It's the sound of serenity. It's a sound that has you lightly bopping your head along to the charming guitar rhythm--without even noticing what you're doing.

Yet the real gold behind this song is Julia Sabra (from Beirut-based group Postcards). With an angelically jazzy tone of the likes of Norah Jones, Sabra captures your heart from her very first note...and you kind of forget Oak is there. Except when he jumps in with a breezy harmony, effortlessly combining his tenor vocals with Sabra's sweet tunes.

Now, though the chorus isn't nearly as catchy as the verse, it's a memorable song nonetheless. Quaint lyrics, lovely vocals and the beauty of West Bekaa valley combine to give this song a spring like quality in itself; even without the music video, you can easily imagine the tall grass, slim dress, and the friendly exchange between singers.

It's the stuff of flowers and frolicking.



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