If you didn't get the title, it's a reference to Lana Del Rey's hit-single "Summertime Sadness". Which by the way, is a deluge of monotonous whale calls horrendously auto-tuned and mixed to a point of headache-inducing disgust. Take my word for it.

Summer time happiness, on the other hand, is scot-free of Lana Del Rey's musical torture. It's a time of year where music conducts itself, orchestrating a medley of green grass harpsichords and flower covered violins. In Lebanon, this time period is the rare few months--or sometimes, weeks--where the weather is a perfect sundress + cardigan combo of sunshine and cool wind. It's pictures like this one, taken by @roro_leb in Akkar, that remind you of just how beautiful early summer can truly be.

Fast forward one week and summertime happiness brings with it breezy tanning on a beach somewhere in Byblos. Fast forward two weeks and you've got yourself a murky sweat-filled haze of 35 degree weather, where undying love for the sun gradually melts into immense vampire-like hatred.

Otherwise known as May through September.

Summertime Happiness

(Photo via @roro_leb)



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