Coming to you all the way from Dubai, Wael Hijazi, AKA DJ Hoolz will be showing off his DJing skills at CU NXT SAT's latest pajama-styled party at the Warehouse this weekend.

Though Hijazi isn't based in Lebanon, he's had his share of Beirut-based gigs--including a past performance with C U NXT SAT last December. had a chance to interview Hijazi via phone, who enthused about his career and skill set. Currently on facebook as Hool Records, Hijazi is associated with Ohm Events and iLL communications, helping to bring "new breeds" of music to the DJ scene.

Concerning his own music style, Hijazi explains "I've got no favorite tracks. My music depends on time of night and on the mood."

Check out his song, "The will to iLL" below and see if you like his style. This track in particular is a combination of suave French influences and deep bass, resonating together to create a swaying dance-floor tune that will have you bopping your head in time with the beat.

If you like what you hear, make sure to check out some more of his tracks here and check out his gig tomorrow.

Here's hoping he shows up in PJ's.

Meet Wael Hijazi, AKA DJ Hoolz

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