“So we won’t be needing any of that, ‘White-non-Muslim-women-saving-Muslim-women-from-Muslim-men’ crap!”

After last week's controversial campaign, 'Topless Jihad Day', (instigated by Ukraine-based feminist group FEMEN) took to social media platforms like fire, Muslimahs everywhere hastily responded with a campaign of their own.

Documented by tumblr account Badass Muslimahs, the impromptu reaction brought with it a torrent of photos of Hijabis, Niqabis, and Muslims who chose not to wear either, all with signs proclaiming their freedom of choice. Collectively, their main message to FEMEN and radical feminists everywhere was one of open-mindedness. Taking to twitter with the hashtag #muslimahpride, women explained that their modest dress and religious beliefs were their own choices, much like FEMEN's choice to protest topless.

"I don't need to show my breasts to not be oppressed."

FEMEN's Topless Jihad Movement Causes Backlash From Muslim Community

(Photo via @kuebra)


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