Get your recommended dose of comedy with none other than the great Eddie Griffin, who'll be performing live at Forum de Beyrouth on April 11.

The 40-something actor and comedian has long been hailed as a stand-up comedian genius, appealing to crowds of all kinds of crowds with his rendition of "You Can Tell 'Em I Said It". Combining impersonations, American comedy and a hell of a lot of inappropriately awesome humor, Griffin is that kind of comedian that's too funny to be insulting. So if you do go to his show, expect to laugh your head off at stereotypes and racism. Because it's legit hilarious.

Get your tickets for his upcoming performance at Virgin Ticketing Box Office. In the mean time, enjoy Griffin's less-than-sensitive--albeit friggin' genius--tribute to "alien" Michael Jackson.


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Eddie Griffin Live at Forum de... Performance (Stand-Up Comedy)


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