We all know what Rihanna is famous for: A kickass body, sexual lyrics, being excited by whips and chains, and--after all of that, a decent singing voice.

In her most recent video, Lebanese singer Poly covers Rihanna's "Stay" by emulating exactly what Rihanna puts out: sex, ass, and repetition.

Providing unexceptional vocals--though she does have a nice tone--Poly's entire video revolves around her, in a bikini bottom and a shirt, swimming in a pool and staring at you. As if you weren't uncomfortable enough seeing the panning images of her lady parts and ass, her gigantic faux eyelashes reel you in with death stares that only singers and Hannibal Lector could muster.

The entire thing is just a badly choreographed (indeed, if you can even use that word) video and a song that just doesn't fit her vocal style. Yeah she's got a pretty voice, but she ain't no Rihanna.

And no lack of clothes will ever convince you otherwise.



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