Or cake. Or chocolate. Or Nutella. Or ice cream. Or all of them together.

Seriously now, deliciously unhealthy foods are some of the greatest things about being alive. Ever been so depressed that you had to buy those Reese's Cups and cry from satisfaction? Ever go through a break up and confide all your sorrows in a gallon of mint chocolate chip? Ever just have one of those days when one spoon of Nutella turns into 10?

We all have. It's just a fact of life.

That's why we love Cup 'N Cake's all too true slogan: "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes... and that's kind of the same thing."

The greatest gifts of all are those that go straight to your thighs.

Who Needs Happiness When You've Got Cupcakes?

(Photo via @cynthiaeid)


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