Spotted in Hamra: "My pussy is not an insult."

Forgive my French, but isn't "kiss ummak/ikhtak" rather akin to "ayri feek"? So if a vagina is not an insult, can a penis be? Aren't we all equal in the bra-less world of feminism?

That being said, genitalia-related insults have been frequent for centuries. Just take for example, the eloquence of Shakespeare in Henry VI: "Thou mis-shapen dick!" (Seriously, I didn't make that up).

We can all agree, sexism is totally not cool. But as long as swears hit on both genders equally, then I see no problem with the aforementioned Lebanese colloquialisms. Or you know, we could just be classy and just not use them altogether.

But I'm a realist.

Because Swear Words Are Anti-Feminist

(Photo via @1mazenkhaled)


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we can certainly aim high, why not.

Fari Bradley on Apr 10, 2013 via web