Mastering the highly specific art of miniature creations, artist Hala Ghorayeb no doubt has the hand control of a zen master. With a variety of sculptures already under her really tiny belt and available on her webstagram feed (@halgho), Ghorayeb's work is guaranteed to make even the most manliest man squeal from a cuteness overload.

From mini food items to mini Christmas decorations, I present to you my five favorite mini-designs from Ghorayeb's fabulous mini-world. If only most of it were edible.

1. Handmade Cakes and Cupcakes

2. Vespa Garage

3. Tea Set

4. Miniture Pringles

5. Chocolate Waffle

Our Top Five Favorite Miniature Artworks from Hala Ghorayeb

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Great work !! Love the precision in it 😊

Walid Rayess on May 23, 2014 via web