I'm all for not wearing bras for the sake of improving natural breast support.

In fact, I've detailed reasons why I think women should go bra-less more often; it's just the healthy thing to do.

Now when feminists go a step above and beyond by claiming going bra-less is "going against the system", it's just not in good taste. By stating this claim, feminists have dubbed bras a controlling factor in a female's life, when in fact the only thing it controls--and thankfully so--is your jiggly bits.

There ain't nothing sexist about wearing a bra; conversely, there ain't nothing feminist about not wearing one. The system was never defined by your choice to wear brassiere.

To bra or not to bra.... well, that's entirely up to you.

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This graffiti is possibly related to the infamous picture of a veiled Egyptian woman who was degradingly disrobed while protesting. In which case, Bras Against the System takes a totally new meaning: that of the collective female against injustice. Which is a cause we can and should all get behind.

Bras Aganist the System

(Photo via @walidghazal)


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this Graffiti is related to this event that happened in Cairo, Egypt: http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2011/12/21/144098384/the-girl-in-the-blue-bra

Propagandist Anarchista on Apr 15, 2013 via web