A quick look at @erikrush's twitter feed will assure you in all of two seconds that this man, a self-identified Conservative Christian, is a hardcore racist.

But he's a Fox News contributor, so it's not all surprising.

In light of the recent bombing that took place at the Boston Marathon, Erik Rush was quick to blame Muslims for the bombing, though there has been no evidence whatsoever to back up his claim. In an argument with a fellow tweep, Rush goes a step further, calling all Muslims "evil" and proposing "Let's kill them all."

Now a person with such disgustingly stereotypical beliefs is a problem, but for a news correspondent to voice them so unabashedly is just plain disturbing.

Forgoing empathy for illogical blame, Rush completely dissuades the remaining tolerance I have for Fox News. The sad thing is there are people stupid enough to believe him.

Still, our hearts go out to the victims of the Boston bombing, and, halfway across the world, the recent Baghdad bombing. A tragedy is a tragedy, regardless of race or the number of causalities.

Fox News Contributor Erik Rush in Response to Boston Bombing: Kill All Muslims

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