Awarded best restaurant and bar design in the Middle East and Africa in 2012, Cocteau is an architectural masterpiece that will mesmerize you with its interior details perhaps as equally as its fine fare. Originally located in Sodeco, the upscale French bistro has become a destination for steak tartare aficionados and bouillabaisse lovers who relish the wintertime seafood soup. There’s also the Cigalle de Mer, a generous portion of cooked and shelled lobster accompanied by a light green salad. End on the dense chocolate tart tempered with mango sorbet.

  • Operating Hours:
    Monday to Sunday from 12:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m., and again from 8:00 p.m. until 11:15 p.m.
  • Reservation Recommended

  • Cuisine:

  • Average Price:
    $30 and above

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    Palladium Building Downtown Tel.: +9611970707


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Went on a wedding anniversary for dinner. we had several bad and discharged encounters that i am sharing here. while we were well received , we asked to lower the AC as it was freezing. we received a no as the lady host answer was : I am not cold so i cannot change it. then we asked for some details on a 22 people party, the lady host said she will come back but she never did or cared to reply then the worst is coming: we asked for a filet medium cooked for me and a medium rare for my guest. the meat came very bloody for me and pink to dry to my guest. when i called the server, he said in all arrogance; this is how we define medium in our restaurant. i have posted the picture for you to judge as I am 53 years old that lived in 14 different cities in the world and have eaten in the finest restaurants but i never seen this definition. we followed with a another question : then if this is the definition of medium at your restaurant and it came bloody red, then what is the answer to the medium rare that came in pink and dry. again an arrogant server ignored the comment> no apologies nor a sign of service recovery like we will change it.... I then asked for the manager and did not get far with the reply. when i insisited to have the manager they directed me to a gentleman sitting at the bar watching me. it was the owner. instead of him coming to the table and being interested in the service complaint, i even walked over to see him and told him about the experience. His only reply. let me offer you a drink and we are doing our best but never was concerned about the service quality, the bad experience, the arrogance of his staff nor the missed opportunity of having 22 people for a dinner party. this was supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Beirut...What happened to the service that we Lebanese are always proud of? Why do staff become arrogant when dealing with the customers and never even consider the point of view of a service recovery what so ever. I think it is just a reflection of the no cure attitude of the owner which is reflected on his staff servers and hosts.. Unfortunately i had to write this review but it was a surprisingly bad experience that i am not used to in Lebanon especially from a world class restaurant or used to be maybe

Elie Daher on Sep 21, 2015 via web
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Dont sit in a table in the middle take a window table because to many people will bump into you

Atef Nsouli on Jan 5, 2014 via foursquare
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Nice food ! Good service

Marianne Skarff on Nov 9, 2013 via foursquare