Because who doesn't love hackers and makers and glasses-wearing tech lovers?

In the running for the Social Media Award's Best Start-Up, the tech-friendly space is competing with Anghami, Tickle My Brain, Lebtivity, Reserve Out, eTobb and Ikimuk official.

Turning to facebook (hurrah for social media!) as a way to garner more votes, the peeps over at Geek Express made an adorably pixelated--and decidedly geeky--poster appealing to their customers and fans.

And if you haven't yet been to the Bachoura bound maker space, take this as a sign. Get your fill of coffee, tweeting trees and a museum full of ancient tech-y toys, as well as a bunch of other awesome things that might just convince you to vote for Geek Express.

Because take it from me, they're definitely worth it.

Vote For Geeks for the Social Media Awards

(Photo via GeekExpressLB)



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